This past weekend I was able to hold my International Migratory Bird Day event at the Stocker Trailhead! On the first day of my internship with Los Angeles Audubon I attended the opening of the trail (which also has a pretty cool public fruit orchard), so it was exciting to help host one of the first public events at the site. The event was in conjunction with Bird LA Day—a city wide annual event that hosts nature-themed programs for all ages. Activities ranged from bird walks to coloring sheets and nature games.


David Yarnold (left), me, Brian Young(right)

We were visited by the President of the National Audubon Society, David Yarnold. After visiting Debs Park in Pasadena, he came to our event to see how things were on the west side of town. It was interesting to be able to talk to him and hear his perspective on the bird day events and other topics.

I think my favorite part of hosting this event was seeing the level of interest in birding change with the younger children before and after the bird walk. It was incredibly motivating. Dragging their feet at the start of the walk and mostly being pushed along by their parents, the sleepy students seemed to have minimal interest in the birds. But that quickly changed—the docent leading the group came back from the walk before they did! And once they returned (and after seeing 14 different bird species in the small and urban park space), they were overjoyed. It was really heartwarming to see how much impact a single one-hour bird walk can have in raising awareness of bird species in densely populated areas.

It was a lot of fun hosting the event and having the opportunity to talk to different members of the community. I’m hoping that it helped to raise some awareness of the different species and their richness in our city.

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