We began our weekly surveys yesterday morning, and even though it took more effort to wake up at 5:30 it was well worth it. The birds have not started coming in full swing, but they are here in smaller numbers. We did, however, have some fun while we were out doing the surveys.  We had split into two groups with two government vehicles. The other team bit off a little more mud than their SUV could chew, and ended up in stuck.Title Pg 20160428_095843Luckily, we were nearby with an awesome 4×4 truck and a winch when the other team got a hold of us with the vehicle radios and made us aware of their situation and relative position. We all had a good laugh, and after we helped them out we finished off our bird surveys. We are supposed to follow up this survey with another one Sunday morning, but after receiving close to a foot of heavy snow we might have to postpone the weekend survey. Wish us luck!

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