One more week, one more week of finals week that is! I have been waiting for this summer break to come about as patiently as a child waits for an ice cream truck on a hot day! It was a rough spring semester and not for the fact that I didn’t like all of the work I was doing, but simply because I had way too much going on and was always pressed for time. I don’t know if I will ever be this busy again, but it was a humbling experience that forced me to manage my time well and prioritize everything! The bird surveys were great simply because they forced me to get outside and take a break; obviously I was still working, but the work was enjoyable.

Bird, sorry I got distracted. I tried my best to show you these two lovely Marbled Godwits, but when you only have an okay spotting scope with no window mount and your smart phone, this is about as good as it gets. To make up for that photo here is this one. 20160505_073450 I often get asked, “You watch birds for a job?” and I reply heck yeah. They give me the look and, depending on their level of interest, I either explain my job “which they realize is important” or I smile and continue doing what I was doing before. You can’t change everyone’s minds about birds, but you can educate the people who don’t know enough to make a decision.


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