This week Anita and I had the amazing opportunity of going out in the field alongside Robert Patton and a few other biologists to survey some areas in San Diego where endangered species have a protected location to migrate to in the spring. We surveyed Least Terns and Snowy Plovers at the Sweetwater Marsh and the Tijuana Estuary. Anita and I were in charge of marking all the new nests we found, by labeling how many eggs were in the nest and tracking the location of each nest on a grid. At the Sweetwater Marsh we estimated that there were 45 new Least Tern nests, and at the Tijuana Estuary we estimated that there were 22 new nests of both Least Terns and Snowy Plovers. This experience was one I will never forget! We learned how the eggs take up to a couple of weeks to hatch but can be delayed by harsh weather conditions, and how to distinguish the differences between the two separate eggs, as well as getting a sneak peak behind the whole process of creating these protected areas. We anticipate following these birds as they continue their nesting journey, alongside Robert and his team.

This weekend is finally BIRD DAY! We are putting the final pieces together to create an amazing event! I can’t wait to share the excitement with everyone in next week’s blog!

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