This week was the beginning of our classroom visits, and it went great! We started the visits with a PowerPoint on what shorebirds are, why they are important, and bird ID. After the PowerPoint we had them play a game called Fill the Bill, where the players use different utensils to try to compete for food items in trays. We had four different stations, with a person running each station. The kids all had a great time competing with each other, and it allowed them to visually see how the differences in bird beaks allow accessing food that other birds can’t. This was only the first visit, and on our second trip we had another PowerPoint that showed the kids shorebird habitat and more bird ID. Throughout the presentation we would ask the kids questions, and then awarded candy for correct answers.  It was surprising how much information certain individuals knew about habitats and birds in general. After the presentation we had them all play Bird Bingo, so they could win candy by getting a bingo or answering questions about the macroinvertebrate that was selected.

I feel we did an excellent job with both of the visits, and tailored the presentations we were giving to the target audience very well. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am glad to be working with the great individuals in the Blanca Team Bug! Thanks.

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