The first day of surveying shorebirds was a blast. The team was broken into two teams. Tayler Rocha and myself were one. Anjelica and Eddie were the second team. We were given ponds 16, 46, and 114. Pond 16 is a relatively huge pond, which would normally take about 45 minutes to survey…but, for Tayler and myself, it took an hour and a half. As we started the survey, several groups of American Avocets were present. Between the avocets and the enormous groups of ducks, we noticed something really interesting. A coyote was hunting in the middle of the pond, flushing birds and prey20160428_074439-1ing on the small birds. This Coyote 1was something I had never seen before, especially in the middle of the pond. As we continued to survey, we found several Killdeer, dowitchers, one Willet and a Turkey Vulture. As our survey was coming to an end, Tayler was initiated into the Blanca Wetlands Team. As we crossed a small ditch in the company vehicle, we slowly were sucked into the soil, causing the vehicle to become high-centered. We tried to dig ourselves out, but we were unsuccessful. So we had to call in for reinforcements. Anjelica and Eddie were our saviors. They showed up with the other vehicle that had a winch. Soon we were out, and on to the next pond. Ponds 46 and 114 were full with water, but very few shorebirds were present. The morning ended with great memories that will last forever, and plenty of laughs. 20160428_084047

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