This week was our first week of outreach at Antonito Junior High. It was frightening at first, but as time went on kids became more involved and more engaged. The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were briefed on shorebird identificationPresenting through a PowerPoint, following a “fill the bill” hands-on game. The game was AWESOMKids looking at bookletE, and kids were able to relate the tools used back to bird morphology and beak size. On Wednesday we returned back to the school, to do the second part of the outreach. This time we talked about bird habitat and how different birds utilize different niches within a habitat. We also talked about the importance of shorebirds and their habitats. We talked about migration patterns and nesting sites that shorebirds utilize. Following the habitat PowerPoint we transitioned into macroinvertebrate bingo, tying both lessons together and testing their knowledge. Next week, we’ll continue to do another round of outreach to Centennial Junior High, followed by two field trips to Blanca Wetlands to illustrate bird identification and habitat management.

Fill the Bill

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