IMG_2177As if I was not lucky enough just being able to travel the Pacific Coast, during our first day in Juneau, Alaska, we visited Tongass National Forest where our welcoming was a huge amazing glacier with a wild bear swimming in the lake. Not even the park’s staff could believe that was happening right in front of us. After such a good start, we equipped ourselves with signs, rods, hammers, gloves, etc. for our field day. Thousands of tourists are coming IMG_2212here starting this week, and everyone is looking forward to getting close to the glacier and waterfall, taking selfies and having fun. They might just forget one thing, that it is breeding season and species like the Arctic Tern also need the space as a nesting ground. The terns are very lucky the BirdTrippers are here. With the staff, we spent the day staking signs and ropes to prevent people from approaching the area and disturbing the birds.

I also wanted to go see the waterfall and get closer to the glacier. As we enjoyed lunch while being covered in waterfall mist, we also prepared to do our interview on the local radio show, KTOO. I am very excited to be in Alaska, and still can’t believe we are here already. These next three weeks will be full of adventures and new experiences that I will be sharing here and in Birdtrippers’ social media.IMG_2155


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