This week has been pretty hectic. We are wrapping up everything for Walk in the Wild, and preparing our station for the International Migratory Bird Day. Walk in the Wild is looking great. But, holy moly, I didn’t realize how much goes into planning an event. I am very excited to see how it all turns out. We will be putting in a new station, which will teach families about the plume trade and how that led to the Migratory Bird Treaty. I spent about 30 minutes on Thursday taking out down feathers from a jacket. Feathers are a lot more messy than I anticipated. It’s all for a good cause, though. I learned that they used 4 herons/egrets for 1 ounce of feathers. They set up these packages that had about 32 ounces of feathers in one package, which means it took 128 herons/egrets per package. We want to show people that this wasn’t sustainable, and that is why the plume trade drove some birds to extinction or close to it. So we will see how the station goes in Washington DC, and what improvements we need to make for Walk in the Wild.

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