Friday, May 26th, was the grand opening ceremony of the new garden at Barton Elementary School in Long Beach. The event brought many families together to celebrate the school’s accomplishment and to acknowledge the support and dedication from the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Students from every grade presented either a song or a poem about how the garden will impact their curriculum, as well as their excitement for the outdoor learning experience. At the end of the ceremony they presented the refuge with a plaque to show their appreciation for the completed project.

We have also been closely monitoring the Least Terns at all the various protected lands in the south bay. So far we haven’t seen any hatched eggs from the terns, but we have seen a few Horned Lark chicks resting in their nest. Unfortunately, this season there have been quite a few depredated eggs as well as abandoned nests. Hopefully next week there will be a lot more eggs hatching, and we can begin to monitor the growth of the chicks.

Over the weekend Anita and I had the opportunity of presenting at the Living Coast Discovery Center, and educating young women and their mentors all about the importance of the refuge we work at. About 120 young women attended the event. There was a small group of girls who had the opportunity to travel across the country visiting various college campuses in hopes of finding their dream school after high school graduation. This group of girls presented a PowerPoint which highlighted all their adventures on the trip, and each girl shared their most exciting part of the trip. Many of the girls explained how the experience changed their perspective on the idea of leaving their home towns here in San Diego and wanting to explore more outside of the state.

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