image1 (2)For DC Bird Fest, in celebration of International Migratory Bird Day and the Centennial year of the Migratory Bird Treaty, I made a pinata of an American Black Duck. It took me four days to make the pinata from scratch!


Day 1 – I bought/gathered all of the materials : newspaper, liquid starch, flour, 1 regular balloon, 1 large balloon, tape, tissue paper (black and gray), black party streamer, construction paper (blue, yellow, and orange), scissors, a container with a lid, paintbrush, cardstock, craft glue and of course the CANDY! I started out by blowing up both balloons, and then used the tape to hold them together. I rolled up a sheet of newspaper to create a ring to balance the smaller balloon and form the neck. To make the paper mache glue, I used a 2:1 ratio of liquid starch to flour and mixed them until there weren’t any large clumps. I then cut up the newspaper into many strips and chunks. Using paintbrushes to cut down on the mess, my nieces and I brushed the paste on the strips and placed them all over the balloons to create the base layer. The strips were only slightly overlapping so that they could dry quicker. The remaining paste was then put away to be used over the next few days.


Days 2 & 3- I added one more layer of paste and newspaper each day. I began cutting the black streamer into long sections, and then cut slits half way through about every 1/4 inch. I did the same with the gray tissue paper and small strips of the blue construction paper.



Day 4 – After all three layers dried, I used the scissors to pop both balloons and create a flap to later add the candy. I covered the entire pinata in a layer of black tissue paper using craft glue, and then started to layer the cut streamer all over the body of the duck in even layers. I also created and glued eyes, webbed feet, a bill, and even a pair of wings using newspaper that I covered with streamer.


Now it’s ready for Candy and Bird Buddy Bracelets!

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