A pristine, beautiful and gigantic habitat. Full of wildlife and far far away from human development. No wonder why so many species choose Denali to raise their chicks or as a stop during their migration. 150 bird species have been documented here, but only a handful of them stay year-round during the harsh winter. Locals anxiously wait to hear the American Robin and Sandhill Crane songs announcing that spring has started. For a short summer, birds from six different continents come to this place. Even shorebirds and seabirds. Who would have thought?

We’ve developed so much respect for field technicians who gather sufficient data during point counts to have a sense of which birds are arriving, when, and what areas are they using the most. Waking up every morning at four or five and spending the whole day in the field is definitely not an easy task in Denali. We’re tired, but we made it until the end!IMG_6011

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