This past weekend was International Migratory Bird Day! On the morning of the event, Katelyn and I set up our bird pledge station booth and laid out our bird history timeline. We were both pretty tired from getting all the last minute items ready the day before, but we were determined to fully engage ourselves and others in this event. At first it was mostly older people who were coming to the event, and many of them preferred to go on the guided nature walk rather than play any of the games at the booths. However, by mid-morning more children with their parents started to come, and they were especially eager to get involved. Katelyn and I explained to each family how the bird timeline is presented in order to celebrate the 100 years of migratory bird species protection, and as they read each little description with each time period they were able to really understand its importance. Also, at the bird pledge station we explained to families how by choosing a certain bird pledge they could help preserve the birds and create a safe and healthy environment. At first some families questioned how they could make a pledge, but as they read about each bird some realized they were already doing some of these things, such as reusing water bottles, or riding their bike or walking. It was really satisfying seeing the kids’ contentment once they pasted their bird on the bird pledge poster and received a bird conservation pin. In addition, I was surprised that some parents decided to make a bird pledge as well. I enjoyed seeing families going to the other booths because they were all really interesting, such as the one about Clapper Rail bird sounds and nests. Overall, I believe the event was well organized and successful. Although we estimated that only about 100 people attended, I observed a more diverse group of people of different ethnicities, which I believe is an improvement from the years before. I have to say that I did hope to have a larger turnout, but I’m glad that at least the people who came had a great time and that I was able to be a part of this event.

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