20160526_110836Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 marked the second field trip to Blanca Wetlands. It was AWESOME. I’ve never met a group of young men and women eager to learn about shorebirds and their habitat. Much like the Antonito group, these kids were fascinated by the variety of birds present as well as the different types of ponds that are within Blanca. Many of the kids both from Centennial and Antonito have never heard of Blanca Wetlands, and it was interesting to see how they connected the lessons in class to the field trip.20160526_101652 While on the bird walk, one individual shouted “SCIENCE IS COOL, I WANT THIS JOB WHEN I GROW UP!!!!!!!!” At that point I realized that our jobs were complete; we had reached out and impacted many young lives. Yesterday was a day spent with my niece. I decided to take her Blanca and show her what I do and where I work. She was thrilled, and after four hours had passed she turned to me and said, “My Uncle Rooney is the best Uncle in the Whole Wide World because he gets to protect all of the birds and cares about children like me.” This was a special day for me, because we have never spent a full day enjoying bird walks and driving to look for different birds and teaching her about conservation. Along with a full day of birding, we also surveyed wells, which are critical for the transportation of water to the ponds within Blanca Wetlands. 20160526_121239

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