Earth Day has officially arrived! In honor of this worldwide celebration, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife hosted a planting event in Imperial Beach. Volunteers from the community joined us as we worked toward restoring the local saltwater marsh. Neighbors even joined in to pick up trash after the planting event, to help clean up the backyard park they all share.


This weekend Anita and I also had the opportunity to reach out to a group of young girls interested in all things science, through the Be Wise program based right here out of San Diego. This program invites about 150 young girls to come out and explore science education through hands-on activities around various nature centers in the county, all while meeting new friends interested in the same field of study. One of their stops was an overnight adventure at the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista! During this event Anita and I each presented a slideshow in which we explained how and why we are also interested in science and where we would like to see ourselves in the future. Through this event we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting many bright and talented young girls from around the San Diego County, all with aspirations of one day becoming the next expert mathematician, engineer, scientist or technician.

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Kathy · June 2, 2016 at 5:16 pm

It is inspiring to hear the ways you’re sharing your enthusiasm for and knowledge of science with other girls & young women. As a 1st-grade teacher with a degree in Environmental Sciences, I share that passion and work to ignite that interest with the students in my classroom. They are all curious, with experiences to share, facts to disclose, and questions to ask. Unfortunately, when I talk with those students as 7th-graders, or high schoolers, that interest is too often diminished or seems gone. I’d love to hear what sparked or maintained your interest, and your willingness to keep studying, investigating and exploring. Working with science teachers at different levels, we’d like to build more opportunities into what happens at our schools. Thanks so much for being a great role model!

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