Last night I was able to go on a seabird survey inside the Oregon State University vessel, Elakha. A couple of volunteers and myself rode along with a NOAA scientist and a lab technician, who were going to retrieve samples from the bottom of the ocean. We sailed 25 miles out to the sea at 5:00 pm and returned at 1:00 am. The procedures were simple: one person observed, while the other entered the data. I quickly learned how to input the data while my partner voiced what he saw, including the species, the number of them, their behavior, and the distance. Soon after setting sail, I began to feel seasick. The captain encouraged me to take a ginger drop to help ease the agony. The smell and taste of the ginger caused more pain than help, to say the least. I felt queasy after taking the drop. I spent most of the trip kneeling down over the bathroom toilet. For a brief moment, I began to feel better and headed outside the vessel. The enormous waves were throwing the vessel from side to side. Whales were spouting right behind us and porpoises were hanging out nearby. It was such a beautiful sight. Thereafter, I quickly ran to the edge of the vessel to continue throwing up. I laid down on the deck of the vessel for the rest of the trip, until we arrived to the port. Today I woke up feeling so weak, sore, and dehydrated from the trip. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience.

Note to self: Don’t ever take ginger drops if seasick.



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