This week I was able to attend a Public Safety meeting at my local library branch. Earlier in the day I spoke to my supervisor, Stacey, and she suggested reaching out to a wider audience through the local libraries. Luckily, after a quick online search, I found the information for the safety meeting which was to be held later that afternoon at my local branch (which is about four blocks away from where I live). It was definitely interesting to find out about all of the different projects that are in the works for my neighborhood. Leslie N. Shaw Park, a small pocket park right next to the library, was recently renovated, so after hearing that community members wanted to start regularly scheduled events (like food truck Fridays and weekly showings of films at night during the summer) I suggested a nature education program. And it was a hit! Everyone was interested, so I’m hoping this will be a new project to work on.

In addition to reaching out to the community surrounding my neighborhood, this week I staffed a table at the Earth Day event at West Los Angeles College. Emily Cobar and I had the opportunity to talk to students on campus, as well as to professors who stopped to ask about our ongoing projects. It was the first fair put on by the school’s environmental club, and hopefully will be the first of many.

The meetings and events I’ve had the opportunity to attend this week have really reinforced how much I enjoy this type of work. I’m really hoping to form strong ties with both my community as well as the students at these colleges.

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