Last Sunday we hCinco de Mayoad to postpone our survey due to snowfall. For some reason, May has brought Colorado more snow compared to December. Thursday, May 5th, also Cinco de Mayo, was our second shorebird survey out at Blanca. Unlike the previous survey, shorebirds were more abundant. This time we had a professional birder quizzing us. Lisa Rawinski challenged us by having us watch the feeding patterns of each shorebird. Snowy Plovers, along with multiple American Avocets, were spotted on pond 46. Once again, we spotted a coyote near pond 46. Much like the first survey, the coyote was preying close to the shoreline. Predation by coyotes of shorebirds and Snowy Plover nests may be an issue that we potentially might have to address in the near future. Our next survey is scheduled for Saturday, and hopefully we will be able to get out and complete a full week of surveys.avocets


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