I arrived in our country’s capital, Washington DC, yesterday. It has been nothing but running around since, and I love it. I LOVE traveling. I have only been to the East Coast once, and it was a long time ago. So now I am very excited to be back. The metro system here is very easy to navigate through. And maybe it’s just because I am still in the honeymoon stage with DC, but I really like taking the metro. I feel cool using my metro card like a pro now. And I feel especially cool since I haven’t gotten lost on the metro (yet). However, using the metro like a boss hasn’t been the only awesome thing I have done here. I joined Mandy at the Earth Conservation Corps for the signing of the DC Urban Treaty for Migratory Birds. It was a fun day with lots of activities and interesting talks about the conservation of birds. I helped with the bird mask station. So that meant that I watched a bunch of 4th graders make really cute and colorful masks. They were so intrigued by birds, and I was so ecstatic to hear them talk about their favorite birds. And after that eventful day, I am now on to the next event: the Smithsonian Zoo’s International Migratory Bird Day.  IMG_1250 IMG_1213 IMG_1188 IMG_1185

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