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The is the time of year to head to the beach to see if the endangered Least Tern is here! This week Stacey Vigallon and I trained volunteers to monitor the Venice Beach Least Tern Colony. Earlier in the season, we had about thirty or so terns but they seemed to have moved on and we want as much information as possible as to why. Maybe it’s a matter of food resources, or the amount of disturbance at the beach. Whatever it is, having more people on the ground to jot down information they come across is immensely helpful!
I was also able to help lead volunteers on a Snowy Plover survey in Venice. Although this isn’t the best time of year to see a Snowy Plover at the beach, it’s the time for the beach-wide surveys across Los Angeles County. We didn’t see any plovers, but the volunteers were in high spirits because right at the beginning of our walk we saw an Osprey! (Which I, unfortunately, was unable to snap a picture of.) Nonetheless, the group seemed pretty excited to conduct plover surveys of their own!
Another project I was able to work on this week was a nature-themed club at my local library branch. I met with the Young Adult Librarian, and we talked about starting a monthly nature club for students.

Leslie N. Shaw Park and the Jefferson Library.

Leslie N. Shaw Park and the Jefferson Library.

We’re both pretty excited to get the project started (especially since there’s a pocket park next door)! The library is only about a 10-minute walk from home, so if it all goes as planned I’m looking forward to contributing to my immediate community!


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