Outreach at Elkhorn Slough via kayak? Yes, please! Over the weekend I got to go out for my first session of outreach in Elkhorn Slough by kayak. Elkhorn Slough gets so many visitors who love to kayak, paddle board, canoe, etc. along the estuary. Team OCEAN gets a few people out on kayaks during the weekends to help keep visitors informed about what they are seeing and how to safely and respectfully view all the wildlife that use the slough. I had quite an exciting first day out; I was told I would not need my wetsuit because we would not be getting wet…haha! I ended up being the one person who tipped over in the her kayak and got soaking wet. Unfortunately, I missed most of the interactions with people since I needed to paddle back to change out of wet clothes, as otherwise I would have frozen due to the strong winds.

The Black Oystercatchers (BLOY) are doing well. The majority of pairs in Wilder Ranch State Park have a nest that they are incubating, and one of the pairs north of Santa Cruz has two chicks! I cannot wait until the others start to hatch, as they are so cute and fluffy. Luckily for me, some areas north of Santa Cruz are in a spot where I am very far away from the BLOY and need a scope, as this way my trusty best friend was able to come with me today!


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