This past week was filled with Black Oystercatcher (BLOY) monitoring as well as outreach to many first grade classes, and lots of fog.

I have discovered this week that finding solitary and pairs of BLOYs can be somewhat hit or miss. Luckily, on the first day of determining how many pairs are nesting along the coast at Wilder Ranch, when I showed up there was a pair chasing another out of their territory. Not only was it my first time surveying the area for BLOYs, but the fog rolled in to make it even harder for me to see. The fog became so dense that I had to leave, because I could barely even see the ocean water from the cliffs. However, I would say that day was a success because I located two pairs for sure and one of them seemed to be incubating!

DSCN0644I have also become friends with the Santa Cruz Bird Club members, and I got to see my first Green Heron with them! So gorgeous.

Outreach with the first graders was so much fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy it too :). I set up the migration challenge game in one area of the field, and the bird hurdles in another area. I had so many kids asking if they could do each game again and again! One girl got creative and somehow found paper that she folded up on her fingers/hands to look like and act as wings. Not only did they have fun, but they learned that birds have a lot of obstacles to avoid in their everyday lives.


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