This week Katelyn and I traveled to El Cajon, where we fixed up the schoolyard habitat at the Anza Elementary School. It was a hot day, but a great day for field work. Our goal was to clean up the habitat as much as we could, in order to get it ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony this upcoming Friday. We were moving around mulch with wheelbarrows and buckets, and raking, shoveling, and weeding. We especially made sure that we spread the mulch all around the plants in order to protect them from weeds, and we raked up about five bags of pulled weeds. While we were cleaning up the landscape, we encountered a pair of Killdeer. They were really loud due to the fact that they were trying to protect their nest from predators. It was interesting to see the birds so close up, and how they react when protecting their eggs. Anyway, after about three hours of doing hard manual labor and trying to avoid getting bitten by any bugs, we started to clean up for the day. We all had to leave there before the kids got out for lunch, and so we hurried up and loaded everything in the truck. It was nice to see the habitat look so much cleaner and prettier than before. It felt good giving back to the community, and creating an area where the kids could appreciate nature for what it is. I can’t wait to see all the kids’ excitement at the ribbon cutting event this Friday!

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