This week was a spectacular one!

The main event was on Tuesday, when our Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office held a BLM State Leadership Team site visit to the California Coastal National Monument from the Point Pinos to Asilomar State Beach area. Leadership personnel from all the offices located in California, as well as the State Director, came out to visit some of the sites that we work with here in Marina. Employees at the Marina office tagged along so that we could provide interpretation, environmental education, and partnership perspectives to the visitors. I got to be involved with Hugo and the Black Oystercatcher (BLOY) project during this time, as we brought our scopes to find some birds while doing a bit of interpretation for the people. I also got to share my experience and great opportunities from this internship, as well as what Environment for the Americas does. I should even be expecting a call soon as one of the BLM media employees may do a story on me and what I am involved with at the moment!


I was also able to drive up north from Santa Cruz to check on a few BLOY pairs there and, luckily for me, it was a gorgeous day with no wind! (That’s a rarity along the coast north of Santa Cruz during the afternoon.) The above photo was taken just after these two Black Oystercatchers chased an intruder out of their territory.


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