Anita and I spent Monday morning helping the Anza Elementary School in El Cajon finish their garden. It was 85 degrees out, and the sun was beaming down on us all morning while we pushed around mulch and pulled weeds. The garden was all set now, and later in the day they are going to finish marking off the trail. On Friday we will be celebrating the grand opening of the garden with all the students.

This Saturday Anita and I have been preparing for a bike ride for a safety event in the South Bay, to educate young kids and their families about safety on the trails and when traveling on the bike paths. So far we have 40 bike riders signed up to ride in the morning, and we expect a majority of the surrounding community to participate. This week has been filled with lots of excitement in the various communities.

This week we also spent a lot of time out in the field with Robert Patton, banding more of the chicks and tracking the new nests at the sites. At each site we have surveyed so far we have documented more than 100 nests per site. The chicks are starting to run all over the protected areas now, so it has been challenging to capture them and get them to sit still to be weighed. The Snowy Plover chicks are my favorite to watch run, because they are so fast on their tiny legs. They like to duck down when they are about to take off for a sprint and, when they stop, they stand straight back up. Hopefully soon we can start to see them fly.


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