The answer is no. No, there isn’t a more incredible summer job! At least from my perspective! This week alone I attended a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff meeting with the State Director, Ruth Welch, the Associate State Director, Greg Shoop, the Front Range District Manager, Tom Heinlein, as well as our San Luis Valley Field Office Manager, Andrew Archuleta, about the redistricting of Colorado’s BLM Field Offices and other opportunities. After the meeting, my fellow intern Tayler and I were able to talk and network with all of them, and we were even able to take our photo with them. This might not seem like a big deal to some individuals, but I have worked for companies where the owners or top management weren’t sociable and where there is a disconnect between the workers and managers. The BLM values their employees and advocates for both personal and professional growth, through opportunities like work details, job sharing, mobile work environment, or teleworking, to name a few. The field office is also staffed with great people; they are all willing to help each other and to be mentors for the interns or seasonals. To top it all off with a cherry, they all love good coffee…so these are my kind of people. Just this summer I have personally had training from four BLM specialist on GIS and GNSS, NEPA compliance, and survey protocols for various data. These are all tools that I can use to build my resume, and secure a spot in the agency that treats their employees like family!


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