This week has been pretty exciting! A lot of it has focused on the endangered Least Terns. In the beginning of the week, my supervisor, Stacey Vigallon, and former EFTA/field biologist, Carlos Jauregui, did our normal walk through of the Venice Beach Least Tern Colony. We always keep an eye out for predators, scrapes, tern tracks (or other animal tracks), and pretty much whatever indication we have of roosting or nesting terns. Throughout much of the county the tern nesting season has already passed, but there are still a few that roost at this colony in particular so maybe this group of terns will be on 20160624_100810their first or second nests soon (hopefully!).

Later in the week I was able to visit two of the Batiquitos Lagoon tern colonies in San Diego, and helped band Least Tern chicks! It was a lot of fun rounding up the chicks and helping to band and weigh them and measure their wings. I definitely learned a lot about different aspects of field biology this week.

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