“They are supposed to be on pond 46,” I told Stefan and Eddie after we finished our final spring survey.

“Lets go there then,” Stefan said as he drove. IMG_1453

We pulled up to pond 46 and looked around disappointingly. Other than the freshly hatched baby Snowy Plover across the pond, there was nothing there that we wanted to see…at least not what we were looking for at that moment.

“Go to 16; they said they were going to see 16 too,” I eagerly stated.

We drove down the road and onto the pond 16 track, and there we saw a HUGE group of people parked and looking at shorebirds.

We parked our car and walked to the group where we met our supervisors and their contractor, Lisa.

“Did you meet him yet?” Lisa asked. When we said no, she lead us over to stand where he was standing.

If at this point you are wondering who we stalked and tracked down to meet, I am excited to say that if you have ever in your life used a Sibley bird guide, we met the author of that guide, Mr. David Sibley HIMSELF!

I tried to get Stefan or Eddie to introduce themselves before me, so I could get a handle on the excitement exploding inside of me, but eventually I gave up and shook his hand when we were introduced.

It’s truly amazing what opportunities you get when you least expect them, and the amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences that occur at a time when you thought things just could not get any better.


Weekly Photos: Yellow-headed Blackbird and American BitternBittern

Yellow headed balckbird

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