The Earth Conservation Corps (EPA) had the pleasure of hosting an EPA Retreat at the Pumphouse on Thursday. As part of the event, the EPA ended with a service project here to help restore more of the wetlands at Turtle Beach and gather water quality data. As folks finished up with the water testing demonstration, I slipped away to grab a few pairs of binoculars. The EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, participated in both activities, and I luckily had the opportunity to tell her about our Osprey Cam before their time was up. From the dock of the Monique Johnson Anacostia River Center, I could point to the nest featured on our cam, and tell them about the female Osprey and about her previous mate, Rodney, getting booted out by her new mate in 2014 when he took a long detour during migration. There are two chicks in the nest that are about three weeks old. With the binoculars in hand, our EPA guests had the chance to see the chicks and one parent. They were grateful to have had the opportunity to observe our raptors, and to experience the activities we do with students who visit the center.

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