After weekly observations at Malibu Lagoon, it was decided that an official enclosure would be put up for the remainder of the Least Tern nesting season. We found only a few nests and several scrapes, so it was necessary in order to keep dogs out of the area! More terns were also seen displaying in their courtship rituals, so the chances of more nests appearing were high.

With the help of volunteers, State Parks and Los Angeles Audubon staff, and myself, orange fencing was placed this past weekend around the symbolic enclosure. While we were putting up the fence we did notice that the high tide had come pretty close to the nests, so hopefully that doesn’t create too much of an issue for this group of terns. A nest had previously been washed out, but we hope this will protect eggs from the water.

During our time at Malibu Lagoon a lot of beachgoers were interested in what we were doing, and fortunately it wasn’t because we were reducing the amount of beach space but because they wanted to know about the birds. The idea was pretty well received! I’ll be back Thursday to check on the nests as well as the fence.

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