This past Wednesday, I was asked to go on a river float with a few Forest Service staff to clean the trees along the Situk River of fishing tackle equipment. I did have a small video I wanted to share with everyone, but due to cameraman misjudgment (me, of course) I recorded nothing but the tall trees and gray sky. I did get a great shot of the crew before we left, however.  The float was very long, but a lot of fun. We saw Common Mergansers and their young, eagles, steelhead salmon, Dolly Varden, a possible sighting of sockeye salmon, and a cow moose with her calf. We cleaned a lot of tackle, some of which I even wanted to keep because they looked brand new or were really nice creations the fisherman made before he/she lost them. We even went to a fish count survey spot, having to paddle our way up and over, and I thought it was very cool to see a fish count survey set up on the river. When we reached the end we had gone through four rainstorms and high winds, and I was so glad to be equipped with all the gear my dad bought me for such weather. The float was an experience I will never forget, and a good way to get my heart pumping for the opening of the Tern Festival.

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