This past weekend, Katelyn and I were able to be a part of the Community Bike Ride and Child Safety Fair at the Habitat Heroes site, hosted by the Jonathan Sellers & Charlie Keever Foundation. We were in charge of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service information booth, at which we talked with the public about our refuges and how to stay safe on the trails. In addition, Lisa Cox had brought her rosy boa to the event, along with a plastic rattlesnake, in order to demonstrate to the kids the difference between each snake and how to tell which one is venomous. It was so cool to see all the kids and even the adults get excited about seeing the snake up close and being able to hold it; some couldn’t even believe it was real. It amazed me how smooth the rosy boa felt, and I was surprised when I learned from Lisa that snakes only eat about once a month.  Katelyn and I also had made a couple flyers prior to the event about outdoor safety tips for people who walk or ride along the trail, and we passed those out along with informational flyers about events that the refuge is hosting in the near future. Aside from our booth, there were other booths including for State Farm, Allstate, Ocean Connectors, and more. There was also a little skit that the leaders of the Foundation presented about child safety. One lady pretended to be a Blue Jay, while the other lady was a devious cat. The main theme of this play was to illustrate to kids that when you feel like you are in trouble with something or someone that could potentially hurt you, you must do what’s safe for you and fly far away. Even after the skit, the two actresses asked the kids a couple questions to point out what tricks the cat did to make the bird try to be his friend, and what skills the bird used to try to get away from that situation. I think this was very effective to make sure the kids were paying attention and, as a result, all the kids loved the skit. There was about 50 bikers that had stopped to participate in this fair, and even the mayor and councilman showed up to this event as well. This was an awesome turnout and such an exciting event, and I hope this fair continues for many years to come.

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