On Thursday, I had a table at the GSA Sustainability Fair. It was the first time I had visited the Denver Federal Center (DFC). It looked very official, and there are lots of buildings for each federal agency. I learned they have their own rental bikes for the DFC so they can bike from building to building for meetings or just to get some exercise. It is a beautiful place, with lots of trees and green grass around the area. The Sustainability Fair was held in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market, so I got to see all the vendors there along with all the food trucks (and they smelled amazing). I even bought myself some vegetables from one of the vendors. Anyway, back to birds, I hosted a table about window collisions. My wonderful boyfriend helped me build a frame for a demonstration window so people can understand why birds hit windows. Birds don’t really see windows; in fact, what birds see is a reflection of the sky, their own reflection (which they believe is another bird), or a plant to perch on inside the house. So when they run into a window full force it usually kills them, or they are very badly injured. It was a great table because I had some very nice discussions with people about window collisions, and different ways they can help make windows more visible to birds or at least less dangerous. I told people they could put curtains up, place stickers or designs on their windows, or even place a feeder within 3 feet of the window to slow down the birds’ momentum. This was the first Sustainability Fair and I think they had a decent number of people attend, so I hope that the intern next year can reach even more people.

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