This week marks the second week of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (SWIFL) surveys. Our mornings usually start at 4:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m., depending on what we have going on for the day. This week was full of excitement as well as hard days working out in the hot sun. Three of the four days we were busy helping Portland Torres, a maintenance worker with the Bureau of Land Management, create and install pond monitoring poles. These poles will be used to determine water depth and available habitat for macroinvertebrates, which in turn influences the available food source for shorebirds. These poles are critical for Blanca’s biologists, due to a change in management decisions based on the availability of water as well as the limitations of available habitat. So far Team Bug has performed a variety of different habitat management projects. Next week we will hopefully start our training for data collection based on dust particles in the atmosphere. Stay tuned for further EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  10

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