The Least Tern nests at the Sweetwater Marsh are slowly starting to fill up with chicks! There are so many variations of colors and sizes among all the chicks. Did you know that it only takes about three weeks for the chick to fully develop into a full-sized adult? I thought that was amazing! This week we have been monitoring the protected sites for new chicks, and banding the Least Terns as well as the Snowy Plovers. On Tuesday, we estimated that there were about 28 new chicks, and only about 2 chicks on Thursday at the Border Field State Park location. For each chick, we took the measurements of their tiny wings and then weighed them in grams. After recording all their information, we banded the chicks and placed them back in their nest.


Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge birding trail in Imperial Beach.IMG_8087_2 The trail features a bridge and two decks with seating for the community to enjoy the wonderful migratory birds  which nest there during breeding season and feed off the marsh. We estimated that there were 70 guests who attended the event, and Anita and I even had the chance to shake hands and introduce ourselves to the Mayor of Imperial Beach. After the ceremony, the guests were led by one of the rangers on a guided bird walk down the new trails and were able to explore the sites. Today’s event was a success! I can’t wait for next week’s restoration project and grand opening at Anza Elementary School!

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