After traveling to five islands this past spring and summer, I am able to come back to my favorite island, the small loving community town of Wrangell. It is so awesome to return here, and to see all my friends again and hear how their summer is going. I spent last week on an island across from Wrangell called Zarembo Island, and conducted songbird surveys high in the mountains where we encountered some amazing songbirds, loons, geese and, to my surprise, shorebirds! Greater Yellowlegs were nesting in thisIMG_0090-eitd IMG_0082-editedmarshy muskeg area, and some even became aggressive when we wandered too close to their nest. There was also a Solitary Sandpiper that would appear near the small lakes, and called around to look for others while avoiding the aggressive yellowlegs. This week, I will be stationed on Vank Island to conduct habitat and vegetation surveys to make the points for future songbird surveys.  On the weekends, I will return to the beautiful and kind island of Wrangell for the next two weeks and for the July 4th weekend, and I have been told their July 4th celebration is amazing.

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Madeline Lopez · June 23, 2016 at 2:10 pm

Amazing that there was so maybe different birds available 5one area. Wrangell is definitely a must see on my bucket list,)

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