Throughout this internship with Environment for the Americas, there have been skills gained, people met12717936_2031483283530429_4217022801143442558_n, and unforgettable experiences gained. It started with a training in San Diego, where many great experts helped us learn what we were identifying and how to properly do a survey for shorebirds. We also gained skills in outreach to impact our local communities.

We then came back to the San Luis Valley, and began our surveys and implemented all of the skills we learned. We did outreach programs, including writing curriculum and teaching classes for low income communities, and made a huge impact at our local schools.  Now we are finished with our surveys for the spring, we are doing many projects, learning  a lot and meeting amazing people like David Sibley and Dr. Brad Andres (both experts in their fields; just google their names and see!!)

How lucky and fortunate are we to be able to live this crazy adventure we call life.

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