IMG_8027This Wednesday was the first of many that the Earth Conservation Corps will be spending with the DC Department of Energy & Environment’s Green Zone Environmental Program participants.


Over the summer, we will have the opportunity to work with about 50 of DC’s 14- 24 year-olds and introduce them to a wide variety of environmental topics. They will be introduced to environmental careers and issues, and work on community projects such as green roofs, rain gardens and park clean-ups.



Our first project was to clean up a neighborhood park along Oxon Run. The participants were enthusiastic about picking up the litter, and even had a competition to see which team could get the most! They found a tire, broken scooter, and even an abandoned shopping cart! At the end we loaded up our pickup truck full of trash bags, and asked the participants to think about the different types of garbage they found lying around. They reflected on it, and determined that much of what they picked up was plastic bottles and wrappers. We asked that they pass on the message to their friends and family to keep the parks clean for themselves and others.


After a successful clean up, I can’t wait until next week when they learn about and work on planting  pollinator gardens at Kramer Elementary School.

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