Our new project at the office is the Western Hummingbird Partnership project. Well, it isn’t really new, but we are finally able to develop it more. The project is an international research study that strives to determine how the relationship between flowers and hummingbirds is changing due to climate change. My main task is to find a way to make inputting data accessible to the public. We would like to have an app, or a website that citizen scientists can input their observations into. These observations would include the species of hummingbirds they saw, where they saw them, what flowers they were feeding on, and the phase of the flowers. The main issue we have come across is how to make it easy for people to identify flowers. Since the project is international, from Alaska all the way down to Mexico, it would be hard to give everyone a small list of flowers to choose from. Currently, we are looking into iNaturalist, but we will see what we find! Stay tuned everyone!

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