This is exactly what I would have asked if someone had offered me the opportunity to meet David Sibley a year ago. Well, I received that opportunity yesterday, and it was pretty awesome, now that I understand his contribution to the science of ornithology. Before I started this internship, I had a misperception, and it was that I didn’t really care about birds! I now understand how they fit into ecosystem balance and the importance of their roles. I, for example, am a Chemistry major, and I understand atoms and their interactions fairly well compared to non-chemistry people in the rest of the world. It is this understanding of the atom that gives me a deeper appreciation for all the chemistry that happens everywhere, and how even the simplest of things can be immensely complex on an molecular scale. I would like to give you some insight on what I understand.  Atoms do not have a consciousness or ability to think, yet somehow we are made entirely of atoms… L_Uv_qSW_400x400Sorry, my mind was once again exploding, that something as complex as a human being, or other living creatures, are entirely composed of simple atoms interacting to create something infinitely more complex! What does this have to do with birds or David Sibley? Nothing and everything; the knowledge I have gained is what allows me to understand birds on a more simplistic scale and this allows me to have appreciation for someone who contributed a large part of his life to ornithology. Education about both atoms and birds is what gave me this new insight, and the best part is that you can educate everyone!

Thank you!

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