Pollinator2Our project with the Green Zone Environmental Program this week was to plant pollinator gardens. We worked with about 35 teens and young adults at a neighborhood park in Southeast. The students worked diligently to remove trash, leaves, old grass clippings, and weeds before getting started on breaking up the grass and soil. The project was completed quickly, and everyone seemed to enjoy tilling the soil around the trees and planting the seeds.


During our lunch break, we had a few people stop by to ask us what we were working on. One lady was very excited when we told her that the pollinator gardens would attract butterflies and hummingbirds. She told us that she often visits the park to relax, and that with the chance to see butterflies there in the future would would visit more often. It was great that she stopped by to share her thoughts with the students and our team. The students were able to hear firsthand that their hard work would make a difference in someone’s life, and that really made an impact.

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