It was only a week ago that I was in the operating room getting a new lead replaced in2016070695223646 (1) my ICD, and now I am back in action.

Although I have some restrictions, I am still doing everything that I love, including learning new 20160706_083811 (1)collection methods for large data sets as well as doing nighttime amphibian surveys.

Some people may call me crazy coming back so soon after a medical procedure, but, for me, being out there is the best therapy and rehabilitation I could have. It brings me joy and peace to be out there.¬†Potentially one of the best things to come from this experience is that people at the office are learning how to deal with situations when something doesn’t go as planned. Luckily, my situation, although scary, was not catastrophic, so what better way to learn how to deal with an emergency than a real example where no one was hurt.

Another exciting thing is coming at the end of this month, when nwe will be doing more outreach as the shorebirds begin their journey back. I love being able to see the excitement20160706_134451 (1) and joy it brings other people when I share my passion. So, unlike before my first outreach, I am excited, not nervous, because I know that it will make a difference when they see just how much you care.


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