Next week we will be doing another outreach field trip to the Blanca Wetlands, and it will be interesting to see what aspects of the trip this group will enjoy. Earlier in the summer we took out large groups from two local schools. Those kids were all 6th, 7th and 8th graders, and they enjoyed all the activities we had prepared for them. This time around we will have a larger range of ages, from 10 to 17 year-old kids. The first time we had kids for the field trip they surprised me in a very great way! We had kids who were thrilled to be learning and getting themselves muddy and wet from head to toe! I reflected back to when I was their age, and I don’t know that I would have been willing to do what they did. This made my day, and showed me that we have youth who are willing to learn and contribute. These are the kind of youth that need to contribute to society, and allowing them to contribute their perspective will give federal and state agencies an all-inclusive view on issues. In closing, I want this next trip to be as successful as the first one, and I will be giving it all my effort to make this trip memorable for these kids! I will let you know how it goes next Friday.

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