blog 7_22 This week has been a great week. We had a couple of Environment for the Americas interns (Aileen and Chu Yu) from Boulder come down to visit us and participate in our youth outreach with the Boys and Girls Club at Blanca Wetlands. Monday was a preparation day, getting materials ready for the big outing at Blanca. Tuesday we did our early morning shorebird survey, and then took Aileen to the different areas that the BLM manages7_22_4. The best part of that day was the beautiful hike to Zapata Falls. Wednesday was our big day, the outreach at Blanca. We had many activities for the kids to illustrate the importance of culture and history, as well as habitat management. I think the best activity was the macroinvertebrate study, due to the fact that even though the pond stunk like old decaying material, the kids still wanted to swim in it and learn what macroinvertebrates were. Also, to learn about the past and what certain groups of people used for hunting, the kids looked at cultural artifacts such as arrowheads, glass, and shoes, and they played a game that entailed slinging an arrow at a deer target. Thursday, we performed our second shorebird survey and placed reflectors on our amphibian survey points. 7_22_2

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