This week has been one for the books. Team Bug participated in a variety of different projects. On Monday, we worked on the agenda for next week’s Blanca tour with kids from the Boys and Girls Club, then in the afternoon we went out to the Rio Grande to assist the riparian crew with exclosures. On Tuesday, we had a safety meeting and learned about great tools that are used in the case of an emergency and who needs to be contacted, which benefits the team to make things run smoothly if ever there was an emergency. We also went out to the Blanca wetlands and I got to assist in habitat restoration by cleaning out old structures, which I did again on Thursday after we kicked off our fall migration shorebird survey. Wednesday was by far my favorite day. I had the privilege of doing a ride-along with our BLM ranger. We spent the day identifying the owner of cows that were grazing out on the Rio Grande River without a permit. I was able to learn what steps are taken to find the owners of the cattle and how to identify brands. We had good conversation, and the ranger gave me great insight into what training entailed and the great adventures of being a law enforcement officer. Friday ended my week, as I spent my time helping the riparian crew build more exclosures on the Rio Grande River.


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