It’s summer camp time! Last week was the first teen summer camp with the San Diego County Parks and Recreation, and to continue spreading the excitement we had the camp come out to one of our other parks and invited the local Youth Conservation Corps to help us run the event. We had stations set up all along the trails in El Cajon, and at each station the kids had the opportunity to participate in an activity to learn the importance of habitat restoration. The first station was a watering project where the campers could help water the native plants that were planted by previous students, and learn how to identify the various species of native plants. At the second station they were able to create their own concrete molds of tracks and scat left behind animals on the trails, and which they could take home. At the last station they learned the important association between art and science, and how they work together to help illustrate the details in each animal. The kids sketched out their own birds to see how much detail they could draw to truly identify the animal they were trying to illustrate. To end their day at the refuge, the kids joined together where we all met with a local ornithologist who brought a Barn Owl, Burrowing Owl and a falcon. During her presentation she discussed how they were all rescue birds which were not able to be released back into the wild, and about the important adaptations these birds have to be able to survive in the places they do. I really look forward to seeing the teen summer program again next month when they come to visit us here at the Living Coast Discovery Center!

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