A house on the water…that is one thing I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to live in. This barge floats on Klu Bay, where you have a gorgeous view of the mountains that surround us outside your room or just sitting on the deck. My field leader and I were conducting a Northern Goshawk survey on one part of the island below Klu Bay called Fire Cove, and it was one of the hardest hikes I’ve done since I arrived in Alaska. There were countless dry cuts, Devil’s Club, muskegs, and 20160720_070933-2fallen logs that we had to climb or walk on to get to the other side. We were searching for goshawk nests and using a small bomb box to play juvenile begging calls or adult territorial calls. Unfortunately, we were not able to see or hear any goshawks, but once you got beyond the areas that were covered with sharp pointy plants or mud sinkholes it was really beautiful. We even had lunch next to this amazing stream where the water was clear, and just the sound of the rushing water made it feel so peaceful. Next week I’ll have another day in the field,and I can’t wait to see where they will send me next.


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