This past weekend I worked with Lisa Cox to host our Latino conservation week event. Due to the fact that Lisa started a bit late on planning this event, we were both somewhat nervous about what the outcome would be. However, we had gotten some help from our local girl scouts, so that was a huge relief. We all helped set up the canopies, tables, flyers, and everything else in preparation for this hot day. We had planned for two guided nature walks in the morning, starting at 7th street towards the new deck that was just built. Our first walk was supposed to start at 9 a.m. but we only had two people, so we waited a couple minutes more but unfortunately no one else showed up.  Therefore, Lisa just ended up taking them on the nature walk and even though it was just the two of them, they said they enjoyed it. Lisa mentioned that there would be a Latino church group coming for the 10 a.m. walk, but it was already 15 minutes past 10 and we weren’t sure if they were even going to show up at all since she had received no communication from them. However, as 10:30 rolled around they finally showed up in a big van. There were about 30 teens and adults from Fallbrook, and Lisa and I were so relieved that they came. Lisa and I led them on the walk, and talked about how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service works to restore this local habitat, what types of shorebirds we see out here and why they nest out on the salt ponds, and the migration patterns of these birds. The group seemed very interested in what we had to say, and asked questions about the habitat and also about how Lisa got her job as a ranger and how I got my internship. It was fun to be able to share my knowledge with these people, and help translate to those that didn’t speak English. Although this event did not start out so well, I think having that big group come made it so much better. I hope we get to work with that group again in one of our future events!

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