This week it seemed like we were tires in wet mud that could not get any traction. We were supposed to start macroinvertebrate samples on Monday, however after the time it took to try to find the protocol and all the equipment, we decided that there would not be time to even finish one pond. So I left Eddie to finish finding what we needed, and I headed to Los Alamos to get my credentials done. That trip turned out to be not very productive, either, so it looks like a second trip will have to be made.

Tuesday we planned on collecting macros after our shorebird survey, but then we had a dinner where Eddie and I had to present so we went back to the office to prepare for it. Needless to say, macros were not collected that day either.

Wednesday we finally got out in the morning to collect macros, but we needed new tires on our Explorer and we needed an annual inspection, so after we finished our first pond we headed back into town to take our vehicle in.

Though this week seemed to be messed up and choppy, there were a lot of great moments. The drive to Los Alamos was beautiful, our talk Tuesday evening was flawless, and on Wednesday I got paid to be in the water, play with bugs, and do what I loved to do as a kid (and still do)–make mud pies all morning.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful this job, and life, really is.

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