What a mellow week it was, the first of the entire internship! (Which would be due to my wisdom teeth being removed.) This gave me a great chance to work on translations and entering my Black Oystercatcher monitoring data. I have also begun researching sea bird protection acts and airports/drone clubs where we can post protection and awareness fliers.

Although I was bedridden most of the week, I was able to kayak with TeamOCEAN on Sunday where we saw otters mating. We made sure to tell other people on the slough to give plenty of room to the resting otter mother with her pup. And the Elegant Terns have returned – diving for fish all around us. It was one of the warmest days out on the slough and I even began to sweat a little, then the winds came in and made the paddle back a little tougher.


Today, Friday, I was able to get out to do a bird walk with the Santa Cruz Bird Club. We saw Hermit Warblers, Olive-sided Flycatchers, Pygmy Nuthatches, Purple Martins, Oak Titmice, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, plus many other birds! I was also able to tell the Club about the Fort Ord International Migratory Bird Day event in September, and many of the people in the group were excited to come.

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